The Giving Process

Giving to a Specific Recipient

  1. A donor can fill out a Recipient Qualification Application (RQA) and submit it to The Magi.  

    If the donation is for another non-profit organization, you do not need to fill out an RQA.  Please indicate the name of the organization and their tax-exempt number when submitting the donation.
    Only one application per recipient is necessary.  Once a recipient has been qualified, no further forms are needed to accompany donations. 
    Learn more about recipient qualifications, and read stories about lives changed by anonymous donations through The Magi.

  2. The Board of Directors then reviews the RQA and approves the need as qualified (or it can be denied)

  3. The qualified recipient will then be placed into the Basic Living Needs, Ministry, Transportaion or Medical or Dental emergency divisions.  When a donor sends in a donation, the money is divided by percentage into these categories.  When there is adequate monies in the category that their qualified recipient is in, they will then receive their financial gift.  Learn more in our Frequently Asked Questions

  4. The donor receives a thank you letter to retain for tax records

  5. The recipient receives a check and a letter stating that the gift is from an anonymous donor to help them with their specific needs.

Other Donations to The Magi

A donor can also give to The Magi without making any designation requests and simply receive a tax deduction, leaving where the money is to be donated up to the discretion of The Magi.

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